Shoud I use this for my app?
We believe that useCloudState is a good fit for most applications. But we will list out the reasons why you should and should not use useCloudState for your application.

Optimal use cases

  • I'm building a product, and I want to store some private data against each user who will sign up to my app, and do some basic aggregations of this data.
  • I'm building an internal app. And I want to give access to a certain set of internal users to store their state in the app.
  • I'm writing a minimum viable product. And I want to test some ideas really quickly before I start building a bespoke backend.

Suboptimal use cases

  • I'm writing a chat room like product where a lot of users share the same data, and mutate it together. (Has a lot of shared mutable state)
  • My app requires access to 3rd party API that doesn't allow cross origin requests.
  • A single user in my application, would generate a lot data. (more than 16MB)